General information:

In Tumbling Apart you live the story of Isaac, a man riddled with guilt over the terrible fate that has befallen his sister. When a mysterious power grants him the ability to re-experience their life and former tribulations, he must harness the potential of forever altering their tragic destinies. 

In Tumbling Apart, you don't really die. You live. Through Isaac and the horrific past he has shared with those closest to him. Like Isaac, we all have guilt. We have all made mistakes.

But what about the one mistake we can never forgive ourselves for?

What if you discovered you could somehow "fix" it?

Isaac is given just that opportunity.

Tumbling Apart is a heartbreaking tale of love, loss, and redemption, spanning across unique and aesthetic worlds that bridge the depths of time. Live out the story of Isaac's life and explore the human cost of abusive relationships, alcoholism, drug use and abandonment. Witness the devastating effects of personal loss transform into a hope born from the unlikeliest throes of darkness. The Pandora's box will be opened with Tumbling Apart.

This isn't a game. It's an experience. Desperate to be lived out. Demanding to be remembered.


Our link for gifs and high resolution pics, along with the early trailer and various videos (note that all content is from early development):


What people are saying:

Indie gaming website, OrangeBison, has composed a very favorable preview article comparing Tumbling Apart to Gone Home, which you can read here.

Similarly, The Game Dame, a Youtuber who produces Let's Plays, stated, "(Tumbling Apart is) So Impactful! I'm in love with it!" along with xStikerMunsterx, who said, "This is the game I have wanted to play. I have NEVER burst into tears so quickly before. I highly recommend it." Video Game Break has also discovered the game, and reviewer Nicholas Paul said in his preview that the music was "very well done, which is a necessity for a game like this."

Alternately, if you are interested in learning more about the developer's overall vision concerning the project, you should check out the Guelstie Project Interview.

Release, contact, and other information​:

Tumbling Apart is scheduled for July 2017 release on Windows, with a Steam Greenlight campaign to begin in the initial half of 2017.







-     An incredibly detailed and varied world awaits you. The love and passsion we put into this games shows in the dozens of               totally unique and colorful environments.

-      A streamlined yet extensive experience. No inventory means less hassle and more time to be totally engaged by the                      story you are living out.

-     Thoughtfully placed, quality, and moving soundtrack.

-     Challenging puzzles.

-     Player choice. You make some of Isaac's biggest decisions, altering the outcome of his entire future.

-     Thousands of hand drawn animations draw you into a distinctly personable world.

-     Witness the human cost of abusive relationships, alcoholism, drug use and abandonment as goodnamehere_ breaks the               narrative and deals with realistic themes not yet common in video games.

-     A realistic portrayal of life, love, and one man's desperate attempt across time to overcome the odds. A journey that will never       feel counterfeit. A journey that you will never forget.

-    Time Travel!

An independent game development studio

Playable Demo:

Yes, those things that existed a decade ago. We at goodnamehere_ still believe in them, because we believe in our game, and are not afraid to expose it. If you are interested in doing a preview/review of the demo, get it here:


Coming Q4 2017


                              You can't run from the past. But what if you could change it?                                   

Tumbling Apart is a game of one man's guilt over the harrowing fate that has befallen his sister, and his desperate trek across time to fix it. Inspired by other narrative focused games such as "To the Moon" and "Life is Strange,"  Tumbling Apart tackles themes and raises questions often ignored in the burgeoning genre.

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